Pre-Cruising Projects and Preparation (non-Sailing stuff)

Prepared by Maryanne aboard Begonia

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Aside from learning to sail, understanding oceanography, weather, how to anchor properly, all those knots, how to use a cleat, and the rules-of-the-road and all the other sailing 'stuff' - once you decide to go cruising, once home becomes wherever you set the anchor, you will be grateful to have prepared well for these new paradises. Here are some tips I'd suggest to spend your time on BEFORE you set off on your cruising life. You can work on these even years/months before, and even if you have yet to find the boat to take you cruising.

We've been living aboard since 2002 and have sailed many oceans, countries, and seas, we are happy to share with you some of things we think you'll find worth the effort while you are waiting to go cruising.