Wedding of Kyle & Maryanne

Kyle and Maryanne on the wedding day
Page updated: 6th April 2003
Friday March 14th, 2003 at 2pm

Kyle in his Kilt

The park where we married The Guests - The wedding was held with little notice for guests, and lots of British guests (on the Bride's side) who would have liked to have been there were unable to make it from the UK. We hope these pages can give those that did not make it a taste of the event - we missed you.

The Location - The wedding was performed outdoors at "Barbra & Jay Vincent Park" overlooking San Fransisco Bay. This area includes a childrens play area, seating and picnic areas - but it also has a slight hill with a few rocks on top (The place we chose to marry)

The Outfits

Kyle wore his kilt in the Baird Clan Tartan (Ancient) and with the “Prince Charlie” style jacket – very dapper! Kyle’s outfit in the was shipped especially from Scotland

Maryanne wore an ivory dress with a full skirt and a sleeveless top with a matching jacket. The Bride's mother (Sandra) had added some beautiful embroidered forget-me-nots in gold and sliver along the hem of the dress. For jewellery Maryanne wore a pearl effect necklace that was also worn by her mother at her own wedding, a pearl/gold bracelet and matching earrings which were Christmas gifts of the in-laws, and a gold bracelet which was a gift from her Sister Sarah at her own wedding two years ago. The veil and tiarra were the ones the bride's sister wore at her wedding (Something borrowed), with some tiny beads added for effect. The shoes were also the ones Maryanne wore as bridesmaid to Sarah’s wedding. And to finish off the outfit – the underwear (no details here!) was a gift from Maryanne's best friend Annie.

Walking up the hill to the ceremony
Flowers Maryanne's mother had sent artificial flowers over for the wedding bouquet - some fresh flowers and trimmings were added on the day. Carla (Groom's Mom) and Maryanne had prepared buttonholes (boutonnieres if you are American!) made with heather (well, as close as we could find), the Baird “Modern” clan tartan ribbon, and various greenery and fill-in flowers – and one was given to each of the guests on the day.

Group at Restaurant prior to wedding Arriving at the wedding Kyle made his way to the wedding with his family, and met friends and family for an informal get together. Maryanne made her way to the wedding with Annie, and on the hour or so drive we caused quite a fuss for the local traffic – she even received a proposal!

The bride and groom walked up the hill together to meet the guests and begin the wedding ceremony, and at the same time Darren (Groom's Brother) played guitar to accompany us ~ a beautiful gift. The ceremony was entirely non-religious, and conducted by Roseanne Allen of Secular Weddings. The readings by the guests were all very special to us, rings were exchanged, and vows made - it seemed very quickly that we were married and the ceremony was over.

Rings: Maryanne has a plain gold band, and a second gold band inset with a row of diamonds, Kyle has a yellow and white gold spinner ring with etched design
Darren plays guitar at the ceremony

The bride had done much of the organizing for the wedding – but the groom still managed a surprise of an “extra” ring slipped on the finger during the ceremony – a gold band with a row of diamonds inset. And the groom’s Mom (Carla) had provided a surprise floral display for the meal table later that day.

The Restaurant - Salute Ristorante
The Wedding Cake: Square chocolate sponge cake with white butter cream icing.  Piped design of the @ sign and small sailboats
The Meal was held at a marina side Italian restaurant called Salute Ristorante. Our guests joined us for a meal where we shared “did you know” facts about all of the guests, and more than a few bottles of wine. The groom’s parents provided a cake (chocolate sponge) with white icing piped with sailboats and the @ sign as symbols of our lives and meeting – with only 10 guests we ordered a ‘smallish’ cake – but there was still plenty left for the freezer. The Wedding Cake
Kyle (somehow) managed to escape the speeches – which is a shame as it would have been a great time to thank everyone who had made it to the wedding, and to formally remember all those that could not make it but would have wanted to be there. Everyone was in our thoughts that day.

Kyle and Maryanne on the Children's swings! Kyle enjoys the childrens rocking horse! Photos We had a number of photos taken by the guests in the park and in the restaurant – and the fact that there was a children’s play area nearby was not missed – shots of myself and Kyle on the swings, Kyle on a kiddies ride of some sort, and Kyle and I sliding down the slide were all included in the wedding photos. Isobelle had brought along rose petals and these were thrown as confetti for more beautiful shots. There were digital cameras and traditional film cameras – so nobody had to miss this wonderful(?) sight.
Off we Go- Eventually the bride and groom left the restaurant, and threw the bouquet – and Cori caught it! Leaving the Wedding Cori catches the bouquet, Heather looks on
Kyle and Maryanne on the hotel room balcony - beautiful views! The Wedding Night - Was in a the beautiful Casa Madrona Hotel in nearby Sausalito. Our room overlooked the marina and bay (reminding us of our boat in Canada!), and included open fireplace and a selection of artist tools, canvasses and paints (which were possibly wasted on us pair!) and if you are thinking of ever going – the service was excellent, and the town of Sausalito is really beautiful – we really enjoyed our walk the next morning when We also managed to see a bit more of San Francisco – including a tour of the Scharffen Berger chocolate factory, and sunset on the beach with the golden gate bridge in the background.
The wedding party, Left to right: Carlos, Carla, Darren, Kyle, Maryanne, Cori, Heather, Izzy, Annie, Warren