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21 Feb 2007 – Maryanne's Version of The Big Day!

Kyle has been giving me cause to worry lately. He is getting VERY FREE with his spending habits.. Now remember that we have had times of terrible hardship since our wedding – and as a result of that have learned to be VERY frugal, and very careful with our spending. I worry sometimes I have trained him too well. We have holes in our towels, bits on the car that don’t work – because we don’t want to spend the pennies it would take to fix them…. So understanding this will help you realize why I was concerned when Kyle did not complain I wanted to spend $60 on a salt and pepper mill. He did not complain when I told him I had purchased new tools. I expressed concern that my husband had been replaced by aliens, and when would I get the ‘real Kyle’ back.

Then he really blew my mind when he asked me if I would purchase a ‘big check’ for the final boat payment! Kyle, my husband, was spending money for fun, just for the hell of it. Oh boy – I was worried. The day finally came when the boat was to be ours, and I was not able to attend (work!) so Kyle would be our representative.

He went up on his own, getting up early (oh yeah, really early, around 2:30 am) to get there by 9am. I called him regularly after about 10:30 to ask how things were going, but each time, just got his voice mail. I was feeling very left out of the occasion. I went for my lunch time walk, and on returning, Ervin, the security guard asked what my family name was. (Strange question). When I told him, he said he had a delivery for me. The ‘delivery’ was a display of potted African violets. I corrected Ervin, these aren’t for me, I never get flowers. “They have your name on them" he said. Confused, I took the flowers, and checked out the card. They really were for me – but from whom? I pulled out the card, and my first suspicion was Kyle’s mother.. but as I read the card fully I realized I was wrong..

“Today is a big day. Wish you were here. Thanks for all your hard work getting us here. Don’t worry; I’ll still be cheap again by the end of the day. Love, Kyle (your husband)”

Now, recall that Kyle for the most part does not get me birthday nor Christmas presents – and has NEVER bought me flowers, AND does not like to spend ‘unnecessary’ money so this was a real shock. Actually it was a wonderful shock. Flowers on our boat don't work too well (we don’t have the space nor the vases to display them), but Kyle had gifted me plants, and more than that, African violets – the only plant I have ever (just once) discussed with him. These plants are special to me since they were a favorite of my Step-grandmother – a wonderful lady who was kind and loving to me, and who cultivated African Violets in her home. This wonderful gift brought tears to my eyes. I text messaged Kyle and told him it was now safe to call me. “OK, you can call now, thanks for the flowers, you made me cry!! Glad to hear the alien is leaving and I get my real husband back tonight. I love you. xxx”.

For now the flowers are doing fine on my desk at work - a pleasant, refreshing view throughout the day. Eventually they will find a place on Footprint.

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