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Our home and boat from purchased in 2007, through to October 2011 and named with the conscientious travelers' saying "Leave only footprints, take only photographs" in mind. We were mindful that we have an impact wherever we go, and wherever possible to ensure that it is a positive one. After living on BabyCakes and Prydwen we learned quickly to have a small carbon (and other resources) "footprint", and although Footprint had many more facilities than we had ever had before (refrigerator, shower, pressure water), we also had solar and wind power generation options - so we hoped to still be careful to limit our resource usage.

The Boat is a Gemini 105Mc - a 33.5' sailing catamaran, with a few additions (factory and our own) to ensure a comfortable home for us on our journeys

She was launched with "may she share with all who sail in her, safe passage, and a long life full of love, laughter and adventure"

Unfortunately she dragged in a storm onto a beach in Italy in 2011 and was totalled by our insurance company (thank goodness for insurance). By the summer of 2012 we had purchased Begonia so we could continue our travelling life.

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