Prydwen Prydwen, 2003 - 2007

Named with a old British word, pronounced ‘Prid-win’ – is the mythical boat which took King Arthur to Annwyn, the “source of imagination and life”.

This Tartan 30 (the 30 means it is 30' long), was a beauty; the inside was all upgraded and modern - although not everyone would call the fact that there was no water pressure and no hot water "modern" - it was a real luxury for the pair of us (especially when compared with BabyCakes) and we just have experienced many adventures, beautiful romantic sunsets, and even a hurricane together since we have had her.

Tartan 30 stuff

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* Adventures – Moving Home in Prydwen

Prydwen was a very special boat for us! In March of 2007 we moved aboard our new Gemini 105Mc Footprint, but we will never have such a beautiful boat as Prydwen.

From Cockpit, Looking forward - note Traveller, and lines led aft Prydwen At Sunset Stern View Great view of the underwater hull shape Instruments Cockpit Table, and Wheel Cockpit Enclosure - in Privacy setup Port Sofa area Galley Area