Baby Cakes - a Hunter 25 Kyle's Boat, 2000 - 2003 Baby Cakes

Our old boat (now sold) with the interesting name of Baby Cakes. Only 25 feet, we both lived aboard happily for a season, and travelled the full length and bredth of Lake Erie on her. We had plenty of adventures, even broken bones, but it made us certain we were ready for more.

The Boat is a Hunter 25 (the 25 means it is 25' long), there was no running water, Kyle restricted the use of the port-a-loo, and the kitchen was made up of just one alcohol ring to cook on. It certainly makes Prydwen look like a palace.

In March of 2007 we moved aboard our new Gemini 105Mc Footprint, but we will never forget our start with Baby Cakes

Baby Cakes - on her winter stand in Cleveland Unfortunately in the winter time, lake Erie freezes over, and all the boats must come out of the water - so here she is in Winter storage