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Footprint is a basic model Gemini 105Mc with the following extras

Extras purchased with the boat (from PCI)

  • CE Certification (manual bilge pump, and electric bilge pumps)
  • Hammock / Love Seat
  • Davits - seen better, but came as package.
  • Solar Panel
  • Bug Screen / Isinglass enclosure
  • Cabin heater option
  • Screecher sail & Track
  • Double Pilot seat
  • Reverse Bimini (eyebrow sun shade over cabin forward facing window) - makes it difficult to climb around on deck to fit/remove sail cover, but I'm sure it helps to keep things cooler inside.
  • Salt Water pump at Galley
  • Drive Leg & Engine Spares
  • Extra 12V outlet at cabin table area.

Additional extras added pre delivery

  • Battery Charger - Victron Centaur 20 Amp - Fitted by Peter Kennedy
  • Espar Forced air heating - Fitted by Ocean Options. Has separate fuel tank (takes diesel or kerosene) located in the starboard aft locker.
  • GPS - Raymarine ?? Fitted by Peter Kennedy
  • Radar - Raymarine RD218 - 18” 2kW Radome scanner. Fitted by Peter Kennedy
  • Fish Finder - Fitted by Peter Kennedy
  • Chart plotter - Raymarine C80 Fitted by Peter Kennedy
  • Wind generator (LVM Aero4gen 12V), very quiet, takes about 9kt to kick start.
  • Wind generator mounting pole with vibration Isolator - from Hotwire
  • Battery monitor (TV for cruisers)
  • VHF Upgrade - Uniden UM 525, linked to GPS - Fitted by Peter Kennedy
  • WHAM Mic for VHF.
  • Loud Hailer (works with VHF to produce automatic fog signals) - Peter Kennedy
  • Lewmar low profile Manual Windlass - Fitted by Peter Kennedy
  • Perko Locking latches (swapped out for the un-lockable ones) on all external lockers

Additional projects & extras completed/fitted

  • Curtains / Blinds for Rear Cabin door/windows (privacy)
  • SpeedSeal on Engine impeller - so much easier to inspect and change out now.
  • Convert Mainsheet Track to line control (purchased/upgraded parts from Schaefer)
  • Install Genoa Car control lines (heavy and expensive but well worth it) - purchased/upgraded parts from Defender - Schaefer parts.
  • Off grid lights in cupboards (LED lights, running on AAA battery power)
  • Replaced all navigation lights with LED replacement bulbs - reduced energy consumption from 8 amps to 0.3 amps for ALL the nav lights on at the same time. Wow! We wish that would have been an option.
  • Swapped out solar controller for blue sky 2512i mppt controller - to boost solar output. Has it worked? Inconclusive since it was installed in Autumn/winter and batteries for the most part are well charged from being at the dock. As of Spring 2008 we swapped it back out!
  • Added Non-skid to areas of the deck we kept treading that had no traction - cockpit coaming ridge, and outboard of the jib track - much easier to walk around deck.
  • Manual (cold) fresh water pump at head sink. (little space for installation, but done!)
  • Flag Pole for Country Flag mounted on dinghy davits, and flag hoist for courtesy flag
  • Steaming cone/anchor ball halyard - attached to radar frame (sail guide/protector) at the top and the anchor cleat when in use - or the mast cleats when not in use.
  • Jack Line system for installation on passages.
  • Preventer system
  • Book case on Port side (behind seating) - we had seen some beautiful wood working projects - but given issues of weigth, lack of talent and lazyness we installed rope retainers attached to pad eyes which work just perfectly.
  • Nav Station cupboard lid holders - to retain the lid in the up position and save a hand
  • Extra oven shelf - so 2 small trays of cookies/bisuits can be baked at the same time.
  • Radar reflector - 3 6 inch Lunenburg lens reflectors mounted together - voted #1 in Practical Sailor August 2001 - installed on the mast (needed riveting skills for that, much easier than we expected)
  • Fishing gear - purchased in September 2007 as of August 2008 still not returned on our investment!
  • Hand Holds at hull steps (inside)
  • Insulation around available space of refidgerator enclosure
  • Security for the boat
  • Emergency Steering solution
  • Side awning / shade for cockpit
  • Rain Catcher for suplimenting water supplies

Other Cool Boating stuff, we have and especially love

  • A squirty boat hook - (The Bridgenorth Bailer)
  • WHAM Mic for VHF. - I already mentioned this, but I really love this wireless mic. Would have been better placed to charge outside as it discarges quite quickly when away from its cradle!
  • Handy ratchet high back "Go Anywhere" seats from West Marine - Can move these around wherever we need them, comfy (but takes a bit of storage).
  • Folding Bike - enables me to join Kyle on his run, and make my own runs to the store etc. We would have liked to have 2, but storage is an issue.

And Cool (non Boating) stuff I would not want to be without

  • Sewing machine - finaly arrived, so now I can start work on some of those many other outstanding projects
  • Pressure Cooker - Kuhn Rikon 3042 pressure cooker 4L/4.2qt - uses less time, water and fuel to cook stuff! Perfect for a boat with finite resources.
  • Folding cart/trolley - when you have a load to carry any distance a set of wheels really make it a much easier task by LOADS! Kyle would not get nearly as much beer aboard if I had to carry it in my backpack.
  • Extension cable for Am/FM radio aux input - so we can plug in our ipod or laptop and listen to music and movies via our boat speaker system.

Projects under consideration
To be Installed/Fixed
  • Backing plates for all substantial deck hardware - especially cleats
  • Support/block for Drive Leg at sea (don't rely on Hydrolic lift
  • Whisker Pole (and mast fittings / storage) for down-wind sailing
  • Quick release clips on checkstays for down-wind sailing
  • Awning / shade over hatches (so they can be opened in the rain!)
  • Extra cleats - midships
  • Extra cleats - Rear transom/steps
  • Storage organization… Netting? Divides? Everywhere.
  • Cargo netting for cupboards
  • Varnish Interior Woodwork
  • Covers for Isinglass enclosure (UV protection / privacy)
  • Wireless (or wired?) remote for Autopilot
  • Inside NavSeat / book case / storage unit
  • Spice Rack
  • Turks head (or some sort of centered marker) on wheel
  • There is always a never ending list of things to do on a boat, I spend more time thinking about the solution and designing it that I ever do installing it! It's a real help to get advice from other Gemini owners via the Yahoo Group.
Hanging around, waiting to be acquired/resolved
  • Weight Management - always ongoing.
  • Cordless 12v mixer/grinder thingy.
  • See wish list for many more items

Official details

Teething Troubles Just like a house, no new boat comes perfect, we all know this at heart, but rather hope we never find otherwise. Listed here are the things we have/had problems with. We absolutely LOVE our boat, and very much enjoy her, so the list is not meant as a tirade, nor a warning not to buy, but more a things to look out for - intended for other (current and potential) owners. In our first year we covered 1700nm - and we are quite happy with all the extras we had fitted - the boat itself also seems to be holding up well for the most part, although there were some unexpected costs.

Lessons Learned Things we SHOULD have done/wish we had known sooner!

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