Manual Fresh Water Pump at Bathroom/Head Sink

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The boat, when purchased new, came with a foot pump for the galley sink. Because we cruise extensively, we generally turn off the pressure water to conserve water and power aboard. However the sink in the bathroom/head only worked with the pressure water. We needed to either remember to turn the pressure on and off as we needed it, or to move to the galley sink to wash our hands after using the bathroom. Invariably we would not remember, and we didn't like the setup.

Kyle, at my request and eventually worn out by my complaining, set out to purchase and install a manual fresh water pump in the bathroom. We purchased a WHALE manual pump (same type as is installed for the galley salt water pump), and a 3-way valve for the water (so we could switch between pressure and manual water from time to time.

Kyle mounted the valve in the access plate to the bottom right of the sink surround. Removed the cold water line to the sink and use that as the valve IN. As for the two valve OUT options - one went to the pressure tap/faucet, the other to the new pump.

He drilled a hole in the counter for the new pump, and mounted it with the fitting provided - Hey presto - a new manual pump. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well it was not quite that easy. Firstly space is VERY LIMITED in the area behind the access plate - so small hands are required, and lots of swearing can be expected. Secondly the new pump has significant under the counter top depth (about 5"), and obliviously also needs to push water into the sink (rather than over the counter) AND give us access to the pump part - so the ideal place to put the hole turns out to be a compromise - In our case it was a little too close to the sink - so that the base would not sit flush on the counter, but was raised at one end by the sink lip - we installed a base plate to raise it and solved that problem (along with a hole for the plug on the base of the new pump to stop it rotating when pumping.

All done, and we are VERY happy with it. If we want to make use of hot water, then we need to restort to the pressure water system, but that is easy enough. IF you are planning the task yourself, then ensure all the hoses are well sealed with appropriate clamps before you close off that access plate for good - you won't want to go back in there!

New Tap Installed
New Tap/Faucet Installed

Hole In Counter (base plate not shown)

Limited Space Under Counter

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