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Boat security on the Gemini is not really very good (I think) - in particular I was keen to do all I could to avoid people breaking into the boat while we were away, and to avoid people entering the boat while I am aboard asleep.

Many people offered some good suggestions, and I took them all on board (so to speak). Mainly my concerns were for the door and the windows between the cockpit and the cabin.

Door: I wanted to be able to secure the door from the inside. I can lock the door by opening the window and reaching around to the lock from the inside. I also added a security chain (at first I'd dismissed this suggestion because I could not think how to place it - but eventually I realized I could mount it vertically). I mounted the main slider unit on the window bulkhead (but had to be wary of screw length so as not to impede or scratch the window as it slides up and down. I would have been better to mount it on the actual door frame, which is solid wood beneath the covering I believe.

Windows:The boat has a couple of large sliding windows which are retained in place by the wooden peg from the inside. However it is easy to see and manipulate the peg from the outside of the boat and hence gain access to the boat (we have used it a few times when keys were in the wrong place). I was not comfortable with this, and have sought suggestions - to which the group has provided numerous solutions (thanks). I came across a link also from the owner of another Gemini Felix - and decided to use his idea - basically use a metal cover plate to stop the pegs being pushed out. The inside window bulkhead bows readily so I cut the peg down to be flush with the peg hole at full bow. I installed a simple swinging metal tag to cover the peg, and gravity (and a little bit of jiggling) put it in place and secures the peg, and therefore the window.

I initially was searching for a simple round dog tag - when I visited the local GIANT super Pet World (or some such thing) they offered a range of dog tags from a vending machine - the only decent round tag had a huge pumpkin (given the season) and I really didn't want a pumpkin. I went with the bone! Not my first choice, but not too tacky. Engraving was free (well, included in the price of the tag). I think it looks almost stylish, if you remove from your brain its resemblance to a dog ID tag!

Window Security
Window Peg security - Our cute new dog ID tags!

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