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Jan 17 2007 - Kyle

Another trip to the PCI factory. I suffered a little disappointment when I was told our boat was just coming out of the mold. “No, no, that can’t be, it was in the mold 2 weeks ago when I was last here!” I said. Sue explained that they had forgotten that our boat was to be CE certified until after it was out of the mold, much of the CE work has to be done before joining the molds so we were switched to hull #976 (from 975). The ‘old’ new boat was coming along nicely though. At home, some of our equipment has started to arrive. Everything looks so new and shiny.

Gemini Production Line

After so long trying to avoid spending money so that we could save for this boat, the time has come to spend it. Money is flowing out at a rate that would have given me a heart attack a year ago, but it does make going to the marina office to check the mail like coming down stairs on Christmas to get shiny new boat toys.

Jeff from Ocean options is looking at a Gemini to figure out our forced air heater installation which should hopefully be the last big question mark about the cost.