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Jan 25 2007 - Kyle - Factory visit.

The day started with a visit to Peter Kennedy. Maryanne had spoken with Jeff Hamilton at Ocean Options about the heat after he visited the factory to work out installation options. He had come up with what we thought was the worst solution possible Ė locate the unit in the forward locker as far from batteries and fuel as possible with the exhaust at the bow. I asked Peter Kennedy if he thought he might be able to install a diesel floor heater? We spoke at length and eventually decided the seat below the electrical panel had the most promise and would be cheaper too.

The next stop was the PCI factory. The boat had moved a couple of places down the production line. I went aboard and was amazed to see how everything was taking shape. The stove was in, the table was bolted on, and a workman was epoxying the wooden ridges on the steps. The thing that struck me most was how beautiful and gleaming everything was, I mentioned this to Sue and she looked a bit offended, explaining that it looked like a nice boat because they are nice boats. I explained that was not what I meant, it was just that I was not used to seeing brand new boats (oops!). She chuckled and gave me a knowing smile.

Next I went to ocean options to talk about the heat problem. I told Jeff I didnít like his bow locker idea, and he said that was ok because we were putting in a hydronic system now because it would be easier for him. I expressed concern about the electrical consumption of the hydronic system and was told it would not be a problem once we upgraded our electrical system. The hydronic system would only cost about $1000 more (plus the electrical upgrades). I expressed concern over this and was told if I wanted good heat, I should not be concerned. He just wasnít listening. I talked it over with Maryanne and we decided to go without the Espar. Later, when we discussed bulk head heating with Peter Kennedy, we realized there were too many problems with that installation. We decided to go with portable propane (i.e. catalytic) heating for the time being and keep our eye and ears out for solutions in the future.